Welcome Friends!

You have reached the website of "Help Cambodian Students." For the past 18 years we have been connecting needy students in Cambodia with sponsors in the United States. This is the complete opposite of the programs you see on TV; there is no administrative overhead of any kind and there is a one-to-one relationship between each child or young adult and their benefactor.

Your donation of $100 will send one of these children to school for an entire year. Your contributions through St. Luke's qualifies as a valid charitable donation. For more information see the FAQ page. Please consider sponsoring a child. Your sponsorship provides the opportunity for the students to reach their full academic potential and shows them that they are valued and loved by those throughout the world.

Remember, every penny will go to a specific child who (unless you wish to be anonymous) will be told your name. Dalay is always happy to help translating letters and in the past many benefactors have built multi-year relationships with a specific child and have even been able to meet in person.


Laurie and Dalay